1978-The-shout-poster THE SHOUT

A film of intense perversity – the madness of the mind.

Released June 16, 1978 (UK); November 9, 1979 (US)
The Shout is a British horror film based on a 1929 short story by Robert Graves.

Crossley is a mysterious travelling man who invades the lives of a young couple, Rachel and Anthony Field. Anthony is a composer, who experiments with sound effects and various electronic sources in his secluded Devon studio. The couple provides hospitality to Crossley but his intentions are gradually revealed as more sinister. He claims he has learned from an Aboriginal shaman how to produce a “terror shout” that can kill anyone who hears it unprotected.

Filmed along the North Devon coastline, it features a soundtrack by Genesis members Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, including the track “From the Undertow” from Banks’ album A Curious Feeling.

Notable Cast

Alan Bates, Crossley

Susannah York, Rachel Fielding

John Hurt, Anthony Fielding

Robert Stephens, Chief Medical Officer

Tim Curry, Robert Graves

Carol Drinkwater, Wife

Jim Broadbent, Fielder in cowpat