Shoot To Kill (US, aka Deadly Pursuit) from Touchstone Pictures

A ruthless killer. A beautiful hostage. Two men follow them into the mountains. One for love. One for revenge.

Released May 28, 1958 (UK); July 1, 1958 (US)
Shoot to Kill (known outside North America as Deadly Pursuit) is an American adventure crime thriller film directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

A man called is discovered breaking into his own jewellery shop in the dead of night. His wife is being held hostage at their home by Steve, a brutal extortionist who demands the diamonds in the shop’s safe in exchange for the woman’s life. After Steve kills the family maid, FBI agent Warren Stantin hands over the diamonds, but Steve kills the jeweller’s wife anyway, and escapes. Feeling that he has failed, Stantin becomes obsessed with finding Steve, chasing him into the forests of Washington state, where Steve joins up with a group of sportsmen on a fishing trip. Steve’s plans to kill them and force their guide, Sarah, to lead him to the Canada–United States border.

Stantin must team up with Sarah’s boyfriend Jonathan to pursue Steve, leading eventually to the streets of Vancouver.

Notable Cast

Sidney Poitier (1927-), “Warren Stantin”

Tom Berenger (1949-), “Jonathan Knox”

Andrew Robinson (1942-), “Harvey”

Kirstie Alley (1951-), “Sarah Renell”

Clancy Brown (1959-), “Steve”