This page is about the professional football/soccer playing brothers John and Justin Fashanu.

Justin Fashanu
Born February 19, 1961; died May 2, 1998
Justin Fashanu was an English footballer of Nigerian (paternal) and Guyanese (maternal) descent, who played for a variety of clubs between 1978 and 1997. He was known by his early clubs to be gay, and came out to the press later in his career, becoming the first professional footballer to be openly gay. He was also the first black footballer to command a £1million transfer fee, with his transfer from Norwich City to Nottingham Forest in 1981, but had little success as a player afterwards, although he continued to play at senior level until 1994.After moving to the United States, in 1998 he was questioned by police when a 17-year-old boy accused him of sexual assault. He was charged, and an arrest warrant for him was issued on April 3, 1998, but he had already left his flat. According to his suicide note, fearing he would not get a fair trial because of his homosexuality, he fled to England where he killed himself. His suicide note stated that the sex was consensual.
20th Century Highlights

Norwich City FC January 13, 1979 – August, 1981 (90 apps, 35 goals)
BBC Goal of the Season 1979-80 Norwich City v Liverpool February 9, 1980 (YouTube)

England U21s 1980 – 1982 (11 apps, 5 goals)

Nottingham Forest FC August 29, 1981 – December, 1982 (32 apps, 3 goals)

Notts County FC 1982 – 1985 (64 apps, 20 goals)

Torquay United FC 1991 – 1993 (41 apps, 15 goals)

John Fashanu
Born September 18, 1962
John Fashanu is an English television presenter and former professional footballer of Nigerian (paternal) and Guyanese (maternal) descent. In his former career, he was a centre-forward from 1978 until 1995, most notably in an eight-year spell at Wimbledon F.C. in which he won the FA Cup in 1988 and scored over 100 goals in all competitions.

He also played for Norwich City, Lincoln City, Crystal Palace, Millwall and Aston Villa. He scored 134 league goals in a career lasting 17 years. He was also capped twice at senior level by England, but failed to score on either occasion.

Following his football career he went on to co-host British television show Gladiators in the 1990s.

20th Century Highlights

Norwich City FC 1979 – 1983 (7 apps, 1 goal)

Lincoln City FC 1983 – 1984 (36 apps, 11 goals)

Millwall FC 1984 – 1986 (50 apps, 12 goals)

Wimbledon FC 1986 – 1994 (276 apps 276, 107 goals) FA Cup winner, 1988

England 1979 (2 apps, 0 goals)

Gladiators (TV, 1992 – 1996, 1999)