Doctor Who Magazine is the world’s longest running magazine based on a television series. It is currently published every four weeks and offers Doctor Who news, reviews, articles and comic stories.

The magazine was born as Doctor Who Weekly, published by the UK branch of Marvel Comics in mid-October 1979. The first issue arrived on newsstands midway through broadcast of City of Death, and Tom Baker spent some time promoting it while in the midst of production of the ultimately cancelled Shada. At this time, a weekly magazine was still a popular format in the United Kingdom. Marvel republished several of its US comic books (such as Star Wars) in the black and white weekly format. Doctor Who Weekly’s initial cover price was 12 pence.

With its 44th issue in September 1980, Marvel switched the magazine to monthly publication. Its title was changed to Doctor Who – A Marvel Monthly, then in 1982 to Doctor Who Monthly. In 1984, the title was changed again, to The Official Doctor Who Magazine and in 1985 to The Doctor Who Magazine. Since issue 107, published in December 1985, the title has been, simply, Doctor Who Magazine.

Since its first issue, a major feature of each issue has been an ongoing comic strip based upon the series. It has featured adventures of every incarnation of the Doctor and many of his TV companions. There have also been, from time to time, back-up comic strips featuring different characters.

The magazine’s logo generally resembles the current on-screen series logo. Notable exceptions include the period from 1991 to 1999, when the magazine reverted to the “diamond logo” associated with the late Jon Pertwee and most of the Tom Baker era; DWM belatedly switched to the logo introduced in the Paul McGann TV movie in 1999.

Marvel continued to publish the magazine until the mid 1990s when it was sold to Panini Publishing Ltd. which continues to publish it as of 2017.