Season 25

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Serials Remembrance of the Daleks The Happiness Patrol Silver Nemesis The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Season 25 consisted of four serials and fourteen twenty-five-minute episodes. As the silver anniversary season, it included several stories noting the milestone: Remembrance of the Daleks, which featured the final “classic series” appearance of the Daleks and Davros and which was set near Coal Hill School, the location of the first episode, An Unearthly Child; and Silver Nemesis, the final classic series appearance of the Cybermen, which had its first episode broadcast on the actual 25th anniversary of the series. It also showed the lighter side of the Seventh Doctor’s personality fade and be replaced by darker qualities. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was also the last episode to have the Doctor dressed in bright colours.

  • The Happiness Patrol parodies Thatcherism and then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  • The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was inspired by an idea of shooting a story in a tent outside after an asbestos scare at the BBC

Recurring Cast

The Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Ace – Sophie Aldred


Story 151: Remembrance of the Daleks

Story 152: The Happiness Patrol

Story 153: Silver Nemesis

Story 154: The Greatest Show In the Galaxy

Story 151: Remembrance of the Daleks (October 5-26, 1988)

The Doctor and Ace are caught up in a fierce battle on Earth between two violently opposing factions of Daleks, who will stop at nothing to destroy one another.

  • October 5, 1988 – Part 1: In Shoreditch, 1963, the Doctor’s past begins to catch up with him… At the Totter’s Lane junkyard where his adventures began, an old terror is returning…
  • October 12, 1988 – Part 2: Renegade Daleks battle Imperial Daleks for control of the Hand of Omega. Ace takes them on single-handedly at Coal Hill School, while Ratcliffe makes his move.
  • October 19, 1988 – Part 3: The Doctor discovers the difference between the two Dalek factions and why they want a stellar manipulator. He hopes Captain Gilmore’s people are up to the task ahead…
  • October 26, 1988 – Part 4: The streets of East London shake under a civil war being fought between the Daleks and the Doctor forces the Dalek Emperor to reveal himself to be Davros, waging one more battle.

Notable Guest Cast

Gilmore – Simon Williams

Rachel – Pamela Salem

Ratcliffe – George Sewell

Headmaster – Michael Sheard

John – Joseph Marcell

Davros – Terry Molloy

Story 152: The Happiness Patrol (November 2-16, 1988)

On Terra Alpha everyone must be happy at all times or face death at the hands of the legendary Kandyman. The Doctor and Ace are determined to restore a more natural balance…

  • November 2, 1988 – Part 1: The Happiness Patrol walk the streets of Terra Alpha, destroying all the killjoys, on the orders of the despotic Helen A. And in the Kandy Kitchen, something terrible lurks…
  • November 9, 1988 – Part 2: The Doctor escapes the Kandyman while Ace meets the Pipe People. Later, fleeing for her life, she is captured and selected to audition for the Happiness Patrol.
  • November 16, 1988 – Part 3: As the Doctor leads the Pipe People towards reclaiming their world, Helen A faces betrayal from those closest to her and the Kandyman comes to a sticky end.

Notable Guest Cast

Helen A – Sheila Hancock

Joseph C – Ronald Fraser

Susan Q – Lesley Dunlop

Story 153: Silver Nemesis (November 23-December 7, 1988)

The Nemesis Statue was built from the living metal, Validium. Cybermen, neo-Nazis and time travellers all want to control it. And Nemesis knows all the Doctor’s secrets…

  • November 23, 1988 – Part 1: A group of neo-Nazis in South America are seeking the Nemesis Statue – as is a shuttle full of Cybermen and the mysterious Lady Peinforte from the 17th century.
  • November 30, 1988 – Part 2: The Cybermen have the Nemesis Statue but Lady Peinforte and Richard fight back using gold-tipped arrows. Meanwhile, De Flores still has a plan to set in motion.
  • December 7, 1988 – Part 3: The Nemesis Statue is alive, thanks to Lady Peinforte’s insanity, and with De Flores’s Nazis wiped out by the Cybermen, Nemesis claims it has secrets to reveal…

Notable Guest Cast

De Flores – Anton Diffring

Mrs Remington – Dolores Gray

Himself – Courtney Pine

Story 154: The Greatest Show In the Galaxy (December 14-January 4, 1988)

The Doctor takes Ace to visit the Psychic Circus on Segonax. However the performers are under the influence of a malign power that thrives on amusement and entertainment…

  • December 14, 1988 – Part 1: Bellboy and Flowerchild escape the Psychic Circus but are pursued by the Chief Clown. The Doctor and Ace meet other visitors to Segonax, some of whom are not what they seem…
  • December 21, 1988 – Part 2: The mysterious family watching the acts within the ring,dissatisfied with Nord, destroy him. Captain Cook goes to extreme measures to ensure he’s not the next to displease them…
  • December 28, 1988 – Part 3: Ace and Bellboy team up to stop the Chief Clown while the Doctor realises that he is next into the ring. The Captain has another trick up his sleeve and shows Mags’s true colours.
  • January 4, 1989 – Part 4: The Gods of Ragnarok are revealed and while waiting for Ace to escape the Chief Clown, the Doctor must entertain them as long as possible in the dimension of the Dark Circus…

Notable Guest Cast

Captain Cook – T. P. McKenna

Mags – Jessica Martin

Chief Clown – Ian Reddington

Stallslady – Peggy Mount

Whizz Kid – Gian Sammarco

Nord – Daniel Peacock

Deadbeat – Chris Jury

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May 5, 1988: Time and the Rani

July 21, 1988: The Underwater Menace

August 18, 1988: The Wheel in Space

September 15, 1988: The Ultimate Foe

October 20, 1988: The Edge of Destruction

November 17, 1988: The Smugglers

December, 1988: Paradise Towers

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January 19, 1989: Delta and the Bannermen

February 16, 1989: The War Machines

March 16, 1989: Dragonfire


December 31, 1988: The Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book