July 21 in Doctor Who

The Underwater Menace was published 30 years ago today

Doctor Who – The Underwater Menace by Nigel Robinson (Target Books)
The Underwater Menace was a novelisation based on the 1967 television serial The Underwater Menace.

When the TARDIS lands on a deserted volcanic island the Doctor and his companions find themselves kidnapped by primitive sea-people. Taken into the bowels of the earth they discover they are in the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Offered as sacrifices to the fish-goddess, Amdo, the Doctor and his companions are rescued from the jaws of death by the famous scientist, Zaroff.

But they are still not safe and nor are the people of Atlantis. For Zaroff has a plan, a plan that will make him the greatest scientist of all time – he will raise Atlantis above the waves – even if it means destroying the world…


July 20 in Doctor Who

Death to the Daleks was published 40 years ago today

Doctor Who – Death to the Daleks by Terrance Dicks (Target Books)
Death to the Daleks was a novelisation based on the 1974 television serial Death to the Daleks. It was reissued in 1991 with a different cover.

A mysterious power-loss strands the TARDIS on Exxilon, a sinister fog-shrouded alien planet. Forced to brave the dangers of the planet, the Doctor meets the survivors of a beleaguered expedition from Earth searching for a precious mineral that can save the galaxy from a terrible space-plague. Sarah finds a mysterious super-City and becomes a captive of the savage Exxilons, and, worst of all, the Doctor’s greatest enemies, the dreaded Daleks, arrive on a secret mission of their own.
What terrifying power makes captives of all who come to the planet? What is the secret of the mysterious deserted City with its great flashing beacon? And what sinister plan has brought the Daleks to Exxilon? The Doctor and Sarah must risk their lives time and again in a desperate attempt to foil the Daleks and save millions of humans from the horrific plague.


June 29 in Doctor Who

Actress Maureen O’Brien is 75 today, and Doctor Who and the Time Warrior was published 40 years ago

English actress & author, Maureen O’Brien (1943-) born
Maureen O’Brien (born June 29, 1943) is an English actress and author best known for playing the role of Vicki in 38 episodes of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who between January 2 and November 6, 1965, starring alongside the original Doctor, William Hartnell.

After leaving Doctor Who O’Brien found it difficult to find acting work on television, and worked as a supply teacher. Her next role was in the theatre, where she appeared in an Oxford Playhouse production of Volpone with Leo McKern and Leonard Rossiter.

She had a recurring role as Morgan in The Legend of King Arthur (1979) and another as unit general manager Elizabeth Straker in the second season of Casualty (1987).

O’Brien has also written seven detective novels includingClose-Up on Death (1989), Deadly Reflection (1993), Mask of Betrayal (1998), and Dead Innocent (1999), all featuring the character of Detective Inspector John Bright.

1978: Doctor Who and the Time Warrior by Terrance Dicks (Target Books)
Doctor Who and the Time Warrior was a novelisation based on the 1973 television serial The Time Warrior.

His spaceship crippled in an inter-stellar battle, the Sontaran warrior, Linx, is forced to crash-land on earth. He arrives in the Middle Ages, a time too primitive to provide the technology he needs to repair his ship. Allying himself with the local robber chief, Linx uses his powers to `borrow’ scientists and equipment from twentieth-century earth.

Doctor Who tracks down the missing scientists and journeys into the past to save them. But can he defeat the ruthless Linx and his savage human allies before the course of human history is changed forever?

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June 28 in Doctor Who

Actress Lalla Ward is 67 today, and Jamie “regenerated” briefly 50 years ago

English actress, Lalla Ward (67)
Lalla Ward (born Sarah Jill Ward; June 28, 1951) is an English actress, best known for her role as Romana in the BBC television series Doctor Who.

Scottish actor, Hamish Wilson (1942-)
Hamish Wilson (born December 13, 1942) is a Scottish actor from Glasgow. He is best known for briefly taking over the role of Jamie McCrimmon 50 years ago today during filming of episodes 2 & 3 of the 1968 Doctor Who serial “The Mind Robber” when series regular Frazer Hines was ill with chickenpox and unable to attend the recording. The change of actor was written into the script.

At the time of his Doctor Who appearance, Wilson was working in London for a furniture removal firm.

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June 22 in Doctor Who

Doctor_Who_and_the_Brain_of_MorbiusIn all good book shops, in 1977: Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius was a novelisation based on the 1976 television serial The Brain of Morbius.

Why do so many spaceships crashland on Karn, a bleak, lonely and seemingly deserted planet?

Are they doomed by the mysterious powers of the strange, black-robed Sisterhood, jealously guarding their secret of eternal life? Or does the mad Dr Solon, for some evil purpose of his own, need the bodies of the victims? And more especially, the body of DOCTOR WHO…

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