October 17, 1988, 20:00 – Wyatt’s Watchdogs on BBC One

Wyatt’s Watchdogs

Wyatt’s Watchdogs (1988) title card [Wikipedia]
Wyatt’s Watchdogs is a 30-minute BBC1 situation comedy that starred Brian Wilde and Trevor Bannister. The six-episode series was transmitted in the autumn of 1988 from October 17. The music was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst. The series was primarily devised as a vehicle for Wilde after he had left the cast of Last of the Summer Wine three years prior. Although initially getting passable ratings, the BBC felt that the sitcom had not really caught on, and it was dropped after one series; Wilde returned to Last of the Summer Wine in 1990.


Radio Times

October 17, 1988 at 20:00

“One Big , One Not So Big”

When the retired Major Wyatt hears that his sister Edwina’s house has been burgled in broad daylight, he decides that the time has come to take action as a citizen against the rising tide of crime. Without bothering to wait for proper police help, he sets about forming his own Neighbourhood Watch.

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