September 10, 1938: Broadcaster David Hamilton born

David Hamilton (1938-)

David Hamilton is a British radio presenter. Since his broadcasting career began in 1959, Hamilton has hosted over 12,000 radio shows and more than 1,000 TV shows. He is usually known as ‘Diddy David Hamilton’ which was a name given to him by the late British comedian Ken Dodd.

In 1960 he became an in-vision television announcer for ABC TV (Associated British Corporation) based in Didsbury, Manchester and appeared with Ken Dodd in the TV series, Doddy’s Music Box, acquiring the nickname, ‘Diddy’. Throughout the 1960s he hosted shows for the ITV franchises Tyne Tees, Anglia and Westward.

He hosted The Beat Show on the BBC Light Programme between 1962 and 1965. He presented the final edition of Housewives’ Choice in 1967 and was first heard on Radio 1 in November 1967, presenting Family Choice.

He joined the then new Thames Television as an announcer in 1968, subsequently hosting many shows for them including Miss TV Times, TV Times Gala Awards, The World Disco Dance Championships, as well as many outside broadcasts, circus and sports shows.

In 1973 Hamilton was offered his own daily show on Radio 1 every weekday afternoon. A regular feature was his “Tea at Three” slot which used as its jingle based on the 1961 version (by the Syncopators) of Jack Buchanan’s 1935 hit “Everything Stops For Tea” recorded for the show by Mud. In December 1977, the show moved to Radio 2 and remained there until the end of 1986 when Hamilton quit the station, complaining of its ‘geriatric’ music policy.

For BBC TV he hosted Top of the Pops and Seaside Special and the Eurovision Song Contest Previews in 1986. Hamilton also hosted four series of ITV’s hangman-style game show, All Clued Up (1988-1991).

He joined Capital Gold in November 1988 to present its daily 10 am to 1 pm show.

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August 29, 1938: American actor Elliott Gould born

Elliott Gould (1938-)

Elliott Gould (born August 29, 1938) is an American actor who began acting in Hollywood films during the 1960s. In addition to his performance in the comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), for which he received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Gould is perhaps best known for his significant leading roles in Robert Altman films, starring in M*A*S*H (1970), The Long Goodbye (1973), and California Split (1974).

More recently, he has gained recognition for his recurring supporting roles as Jack Geller on Friends (1994–2004), as Reuben Tishkoff in the Ocean’s Trilogy (2001–2007), and as Ezra Goldman in Ray Donovan (2013–2015). Until its cancellation, he had a leading role in the 2017 TV series Doubt.

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20th Century Highlights

  • Bob & Carol& Ted & Alice (1969), “Ted Henderson”
  • M*A*S*H (1970), “Capt. John Francis Xavier ‘Trapper John’ McIntyre”
  • Getting Straight (1970), “Harry Bailey”
  • The Long Goodbye (1973), “Philip Marlowe”
  • California Split (1974), “Charlie Waters”
  • A Bridge Too Far (1977), “Col. Robert Stout”
  • Capricorn One (1977), “Robert Caulfield”
  • The Silent Partner (1978), “Miles Cullen”
  • Escape To Athena (1979), “Charlie Dane”
  • The Lady Vanishes (1979), “Robert Condon”
  • The Devil and Max Devlin (1981), “Max Devlin”
  • E/R (TV, 1984-1985), “Dr. Howard Sheinfeld”

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August 25: Frederick Forsyth is 80

Frederick Forsyth (1938-)

Frederick Forsyth is an English author, past journalist and MI6 spy, and occasional political commentator. He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, and The Fourth Protocol.

Forsyth’s works frequently appear on best-sellers lists and more than a dozen of his titles have been adapted to film. He has sold more than 70 million books in total.

August 21, 1938: American country singer Kenny Rogers born

Kenny Rogers (1938-)

Kenny Rogers is an American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Though he has been most successful with country audiences, Rogers has charted more than 120 hit singles across various music genres, topped the country and pop album charts for more than 200 individual weeks in the United States alone, and has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

He has received numerous awards such as the AMAs, Grammys, ACMs and CMAs, as well as a lifetime achievement award for a career spanning six decades.

He has also acted in a variety of movies and television shows, most notably the title roles in Kenny Rogers as The Gambler and his appearance on The Muppet Show.

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20th Century Works

December 13, 1933: American music & film producer, Lou Adler born

Lou Adler (1933-), pictured in 2012

Lou Adler is a Grammy Award-winning American record producer, music executive, talent manager, songwriter, film director, film producer, and co-owner of the famous Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California.

Adler has produced and developed a number of iconic musical artists, including Carole King, Jan & Dean, The Mamas & the Papas and The Grass Roots. King’s Diamond-certified album Tapestry, produced by Adler, won the 1972 Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and is widely considered one of the greatest rock & roll albums of all time.

Adler was an executive producer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the longest-running theatrical film in history. He also discovered and produced comedy albums and films for Cheech & Chong.

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