A Very British Coup (novel) A Very British Coup (miniseries)

1982-A_Very_British_Coup_(first_edition) A VERY BRITISH COUP (novel by Chris Mullin)
Published September 1, 1982
A Very British Coup is a 1982 novel by British politician Chris Mullin. The novel has twice been adapted for television. The first version, also titled A Very British Coup in 1988 and 2012, the Secret State, was “inspired” by the same novel. In 2015 Mullin revealed he is working on a sequel.

Harry Perkins, is the left-wing Leader of the Labour Party and Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central. Beating all the odds, Harry becomes Prime Minister and he sets out to dismantle media monopolies, withdrawal from NATO, unilateral nuclear disarmament, and create an open government. Many people in the media, in financial services, and in the intelligence services, are deeply unhappy with Harry’s win and his policies, and they unite to stop him by any means.

1988-A_Very_British_Coup A VERY BRITISH COUP (1988 miniseries)
Broadcast June 19-July 3, 1988 (UK)
A Very British Coup is a television miniseries adapted from Chris Mullin’s 1982 novel A Very British Coup. The series was first screened on Channel 4 and won Bafta and Emmy awards, and was syndicated to more than 30 countries.

Harry Perkins, an unassuming, working class, very left-wing Leader of the Labour Party and Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central, becomes Prime Minister in March 1991. His priorities include dissolving all newspaper monopolies, withdrawal from NATO, removing all American military bases on UK soil, unilateral nuclear disarmament, and true open government. Newspaper magnate Sir George Fison moves immediately to discredit him, with the United States the key conspirator. Harry finds support in Joan Cook, a loyal Member of Parliament (MP) and Home Secretary; and Thompson, Perkins’ Press Secretary; Inspector Page, his Head of Security and Sir Montague Kowalski, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser. It provides an intimate view of the machinations of a particularly British political conspiracy.

Notable Cast

Ray McAnally, Harry Perkins

Keith Allen, Frederick Thompson

Geoffrey Beevers, Laurence Wainwright

Jim Carter, Tom Newsome

Philip Madoc, Sir George Fison

Tim McInnerny, Fiennes

Shane Rimmer, Marcus Morgan

Oliver Ford Davies, Sir Horace Tweed