August 6, 1968: Tommy James & the Shondells got to No 1 in the UK singles chart with “Mony Mony”

“Mony Mony” (1968) by Tommy James & the Shondells, UK #1 (total 3 weeks)

“Mony Mony” is a single by American pop rock band Tommy James and the Shondells, which reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart and No. 3 in the U.S. The song has appeared in various film and television works such as the Oliver Stone drama Heaven & Earth. It was also covered by English singer-songwriter Billy Idol in 1981. Idol’s version, which took in more of a rock sound, became an international top 40 hit and additionally revived public interest in the original garage rock single. In 1986 it was covered by Amazulu, who gave it a ska rendition.

“Mony Mony” first reached UK #1 on chart date August 6, 1968 for two weeks. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown intervened for one week with “Fire”, and then Tommy James & the Shondells returned for a further week.

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