October 12, 1988 on BBC 1: Doctor Who


Doctor Who “Remembrance of the Daleks” (1988), title card [Doctor Who Collectors’ Wiki]

Remembrance of the Daleks


Remembrance of the Daleks was the first serial of season 25 of Doctor Who. The story’s setting brought the Doctor back to 76 Totter’s Lane in the year 1963, where the series began in An Unearthly Child.

Radio Times

19:35 – Doctor Who

“Remembrance of the Daleks” Part 2

Second part of a four-part adventure by Ben Aaronovitch

Starring Sylvester McCoy

London, 1963: the Doctor wants to bury the past – before it buries him…


  • The Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
  • Ace: Sophie Aldred
  • Headmaster: Michael Sheard
  • Kaufman: Derek Keller
  • Girl: Jasmine Breaks
  • Mike: Dursley McLinden
  • Gilmore: Simon Williams
  • Rachel: Pamela Salem
  • Allison: Karen Gledhill
  • John: Joseph Marcell
  • Martin: William Thomas
  • Ratcliffe: George Sewell
  • Vicar: Peter Halliday
  • Dalek operator: John Scott Martin
  • Dalek operator: Hugh Spight
  • Dalek operator: Tony Starr
  • Dalek operator: Cy Town
  • Voices: Roy Skelton
  • Voices: Royce Mills
  • Voices: Brian Miller
  • Voices: John Leeson

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