October 1, 1988 on BBC 1: ‘Allo ‘Allo

‘Allo ‘Allo (1982-1992), title card from “Pudding Can Go Off”

18:45 – ‘Allo ‘Allo

“Otherwise Engaged”

by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

René is about to suffer foul torture at the hands of Denise Laroque, former lion tamer and now the feared leader of the Communist Resistance, when his strawberry-shaped birthmark is accidentally revealed. She immediately recognises René as her long-lost childhood sweetheart and vows to marry him at the earliest opportunity. It seems the last man to turn her down was thrown off the Eiffel Tower….

Listed Cast

  • René: Gorden Kaye
  • Leclerc: Jack Haig
  • Gruber: Guy Siner
  • Crabtree: Arthur Bostrom
  • Edith: Carmen Silvera
  • Yvette: Vicki Michelle
  • Mimi: Sue Hodge
  • Helga : Kim Hartman
  • Fairfax: John D Collins
  • Carstairs: Nicholas Frankau
  • Flick: Richard Gibson
  • Von Smallhausen: John Louis Mansi
  • Alfonse: Kenneth Connor
  • Colonel: Richard Marner
  • Von Klinkerhoffen: Hilary Minster
  • Captain Alberto Bertorelli: Gavin Richards
  • Fanny: Rose Hill
  • Denise: Moira Foot
  • Louise: Carole Ashby
  • Violette: Phoebe Scholfield

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