Room Service (1938)

Room Service (1938), lobby card

Room Service is an RKO film comedy, based on the 1937 play of the same name. The film stars the Marx Brothers and also features Lucille Ball and Ann Miller.

This is the only Marx Bros. film that was not written especially for the team. Less frenetic and more physically contained than their other movies, the plot revolves around the shenanigans of getting a stage play produced and funded by mysterious backer Zachary Fisk, while evading paying a large hotel bill.

Better . . . Battier . . . Funnier Than Ever !

Released September 30, 1938 (US)

Notable Cast

  • Harpo Marx, “Faker Englund”
  • Groucho Marx, “Gordon Miller”
  • Chico Marx, “Harry Binelli”
  • Lucille Ball, “Christine Marlowe”
  • Ann Miller, “Hilda Manney”

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