Doctor Who: “The Pirate Planet”

The Pirate Planet (1978), title card

The Pirate Planet was the second serial in season 16 of Doctor Who. It was the second story in the Key to Time arc. The Pirate Planet was the only transmitted story for which Douglas Adams received sole on-screen credit.

Preceded by The Ribos Operation

Followed by The Stones of Blood

The Doctor and Romana I learn the second segment of the Key to Time is on the planet Calufrax. Yet they arrive on a planet called Zanak, which has been hollowed out and fitted with hyperspace engines, allowing its insane, half-robot Captain to materialise it around smaller planets and plunder their resources.

Douglas Adams reserved the novelisation rights to his television stories for himself, saying that he would like to novelise The Pirate Planet and City of Death when he had “run out of things to do”, and didn’t want another author writing them. However, he never got around to writing them before his death in 2001. It was the latest serial of the “classic” era to be novelised, only receiving this treatment in January 2017.

Notable Cast

  • Doctor WhoTom Baker
  • RomanaMary Tamm
  • Voice of K9John Leeson
  • The Captain – Bruce Purchase
  • Mr. Fibuli – Andrew Robertson

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