September 10, 1958: The Blob oozed into US cinemas

The Blob (1958)

The Blob is an American independent science-fiction horror film, distributed by Paramount Pictures as a double feature with I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

[IMDb states the US release date as September 10, 1958 whereas Wikipedia says September 12, 1958]

The storyline concerns a growing, corrosive, alien amoeboidal entity that crashes to Earth from outer space inside a meteorite. It devours and dissolves citizens in the small communities of Phoenixville and Downingtown, PA, growing larger, redder, and more aggressive each time it does so, eventually becoming larger than a building.



After teenagers Steve Andrews and his girlfriend Jane Martin see a meteorite crash nearby, they set off to investigate. They come across an old man who seems to have some type of gelatinous matters stuck to his hand. They take him to Dr. Hallen who isn’t sure what the substance is but Steve becomes convinced it’s a monster of some sort after both the old man and the doctor vanish. As the creature consumes more and more people, it grows larger and larger. Steve’s biggest problem is that he can’t get anyone to believe him and continually faces skeptical policeman and angry parents. The creature finally reaches a size that it cannot be missed and everyone wonders how they will possibly stop it. [IMDb]

Notable cast & crew

  • Steve McQueen (credited as Steven McQueen), “Steve Andrews”
  • Burt Bacharach, co-writer, theme song “Beware the Blob”
  • Mack David, co-writer, theme song “Beware the Blob”
  • The Five Blobs (Bernie Knee), performer, theme song “Beware the Blob”

“The Blob” by The Five Blobs

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