September 3, 1988: The Hitman and Her first airs on ITV

The Hitman & Her (1988-1992)

The Hit Man and Her was a British television dance music show hosted by Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan. The programme was produced for Granada Television and ran from September 3, 1988 until December 5, 1992.

The programme presented a taste of late-night clubbing, with long segments showing crowds dancing to popular hits, occasional celebrity performances, and party games – with Waterman and Strachan acting as masters of ceremony.  The show toured various nightclubs. Clubbers would arrive at the featured club hoping to appear on television. Often members of the crowd would be plucked out to participate in games such as “Pass The Mic!”, “Showing Out”, and “Clothes Swap”.

The programme was often recorded on a Saturday night, edited on-the-fly, and shown a few hours later in the early hours of Sunday morning, the second half of the Saturday/Sunday version being repeated during the following night. The earlier shows were split into two halves: the first at 0100 and the second at 0400, with the LWT‘s Night Network magazine show sandwiched in between. During 1988 The Hit Man and Her was moved to 2am in some areas, while London still broadcast the show at 4am. The Hitman and Her remained at the 2am slot from April 1989 until its very last broadcast. A special edition of The Hit Man and Her was broadcast as part of the ITV Telethon in 1992.

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