September 2, 1978: The Doctor’s search for the Key To Time begins

The Key to Time was a powerful and legendary artefact which the Guardians of Time used to maintain the equilibrium of time itself, controlling omniversal order and chaos. It was a perfect crystalline cube split into six pieces, with each of the Guardians responsible for a piece, as it would be the end of time without the Key.

Needing the key to maintain universal balance, the White Guardian enlisted the Fourth Doctor to gather the Key’s six segments, which were hidden in the forms of objects & icons of power. To help him, he enlisted the help of the Time Lord Romana, to whom the White Guardian had misleadingly appeared as the Lord President of Gallifrey. Romana, whom the White Guardian had entrusted with a tracer, would serve as the Doctor’s companion during the quest.

The Segments

  • A lump of Jethrik crystal taken to Ribos by Garron (The Ribos Operation)
  • The pillaged planet Calufrax, shrunk down to football size by the planet Zanak (The Pirate Planet)
  • The former Great Seal of Diplos, kept in the form of a necklace on Earth by Cessair (The Stones of Blood)
  • Originally a meteor controlled by the Cronquist, which was dispersed by the Fourth Doctor and reformed as a statue on Tara (The Androids of Tara)
  • A holy relic of the Swampies, swallowed by Kroll on a Delta Magna moon (The Power of Kroll)
  • Princess Astra of Atrios (The Armageddon Factor)

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