July 1 in Cinema

60 years ago today, Trevor Howard gives William Holden The Key

The Key (1958) from Columbia Pictures

The Key is a British-American war film set in 1941 during the Battle of the Atlantic.

In wartime England, poorly-armed tugs are sent into “U-Boat Alley” to rescue damaged Allied ships. An American named David Ross (William Holden) arrives to captain one of these tugs. He’s given a key by a fellow tugboat-man (Trevor Howard) – a key to an apartment and its pretty female resident, Stella (Sophia Loren). Should something happen to the friend, Ross can use the key…

Trevor Howard won the BAFTA Best British Actor Award in 1958 for his performance.


30 years ago today, Sidney Poitier went in Deadly Pursuit of Clancy Brown

Shoot To Kill (US, aka Deadly Pursuit) from Touchstone Pictures

Shoot to Kill (aka Deadly Pursuit) is an American adventure crime thriller film in which man’s wife is being held hostage at their home by brutal extortionist, Steve, who demands the diamonds in exchange for the woman’s life. After Steve kills the family maid, FBI agent Warren Stantin hands over the diamonds, but Steve kills the jeweller’s wife anyway, and escapes. Stantin becomes obsessed and chases Steve into the forests of Washington state, where Steve plans to force forest guide, Sarah, to lead him to the Canada–United States border.

Stantin must team up with Sarah’s boyfriend Jonathan to pursue Steve, leading eventually to the streets of Vancouver.

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