June 21 in Doctor Who

1969-Patrick_Troughton-War_Games-YouTubeToday in 1969, Patrick Troughton made his final regular appearance in part 10 of The War Games.


After dealing with the War Lords, the Time Lords accuse the Doctor of breaking their laws of non-interference. The Doctor admits doing so and is proud of it. He is proud of having fought evil and not merely observed it. He asks for a thought channel to show the evil he has fought and shows the Time Lords the Quarks, the Yeti, the Ice Warriors, the Cybermen and the Daleks. He ends by saying that he may be guilty of interference, but they are guilty of passivity against such evil. The Time Lords say they need time to think and that the Doctor will be recalled when they have made their decision.

Jamie and Zoe are allowed to say goodbye to the Doctor. The Doctor suspects he might just get a boring speech. Jamie and Zoe convince him to escape and they make their way back to the TARDIS but are intercepted by a group of Time Lords. The Doctor bids goodbye to Jamie and Zoe and they make their way into a machine which dematerialises. A Time Lord says that they will wipe their memories so they have no knowledge of the Doctor.

After seeing Zoe and Jamie back to their times before they met him, the Doctor enquires what fate has in store for him. They have accepted his plea that evil has to be fought and that he has his part to play in that. The Time Lords says he is to be exiled on the planet Earth in the 20th century. In addition, the secret of the TARDIS is to be taken away from him.

The Time Lords say they will change his appearance again. He is furious at this but is placated when he is told that he can choose. He is shown five faces that he successively adjudges to be too old, fat, thin, young or that “it won’t do at all”. He starts to lose function and the ability to talk, going into a daze and drifting into nothingness…

Find out what else happened on June 21.

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