June 14 in 20th Century TV

First appearing on UK TV this day in…

1958-Black_and_White_Minstrel_Show 1958: The Black and White Minstrel Show was a controversial British light entertainment show that ran on BBC television from 1958 to 1978. It was a weekly variety show which presented traditional American minstrel and country songs, as well as show tunes and music hall numbers, and with lavish costumes.
1968-Me_Mammy 1968: The pilot of Me Mammy a British sitcom aired on BBC 1, within the seventh series of the BBC‘s Comedy Playhouse.

Many of the episodes are missing and presumed wiped. Only the first episode of the first series and the third series survive.

Bunjy Kenefick (Milo O’Shea) is an Irish mother’s boy living in London. He is a top executive of a company and lives a bachelor lifestyle. However, his old-fashioned Catholic (Anna Manahan) mother often puts a stop to his plans, many of them involving his girlfriend Miss Argyll (Yootha Joyce). Other characters include Father Patrick (Ray McAnally), often mocked for his dubious morality, and Cousin Enda (David Kelly).

1968-Colour_Me_Pop 1968Colour Me Pop was a British music TV programme broadcast on BBC 2. It was a spin-off from the BBC 2 arts magazine show Late Night Line-Up and designed to celebrate the new introduction of colour to British television.  It showcased half-hour sets by pop and rock groups of the period. The programme was a pioneering precursor to the better remembered BBC music programme The Old Grey Whistle Test (1971–87). Unlike its successor, most of the editions of Colour Me Pop are missing, due to the BBC’s archival archival policy of the time.

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