Today in Doctor Who – June 1

In all good newsagents, 50 years ago: Doctor Who and the Space Pirates begins in TV Comic, featuring the Second Doctor and his grandchildren, John and Gillian.


The planet of Neon is facing a problem: the ships carrying food supplies from the nearby planet Barren are being stolen by space pirates. The Doctor lands and offers to help by piloting one of the ships collecting the food. On the way back the ship is captured by the pirates and the captain, Burglass, orders the Doctor and his companions to walk the plank. The space police arrive to rescue them but are forced off by the pirates and the plank-walk is about to happen again when one of the ships stabilisers breaks off. The ship hurtles towards neon but the Doctor wrestles control with the retro rockets and manages to land safely. Burglass and his pirates are captured. []

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