April 19 in Music

The Duke Wore Jeans Original Soundtrack was UK No 1 album 60 years ago today

Album-#14-04-26-1958The Duke Wore Jeans is a British film by producer Nat Cohen starring Tommy Steele and June Laverick. The movie was released in the UK on March 30, 1958 and songs from the film were released on a 10″ LP. All of the songs were written by Lionel Bart (Oliver!), Mike Pratt (Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased) and Jimmy Bennett (a pseudonym of Tommy Steele).

  • Three weeks

Listen to The Duke Wore Jeans soundtrack on Spotify.

Also at No 1 in the UK Albums Chart this day in music history…

Click on an album cover to listen on Spotify.

1969The Best of the Seekers (1 week out of a total of 6 weeks)

1975The Best of the Stylistics (2 weeks out of a total of 9 weeks, Platinum)

1980: Rose Royce Greatest Hits (2 weeks, Platinum)

1997Dig Your Own Hole by Chemical Brothers (1 week, Platinum)

At No 1 in the UK Singles Chart this day in 1986…

George_Michael-A_Different_Corner“A Different Corner” is a song written and performed by George Michael taken from the album The Final. After radio DJ Simon Bates first aired “A Different Corner” on Radio 1, he rated the song so highly that he immediately played it again from the beginning.

  • Three weeks, Gold

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