April 15: Cinema

60 years ago in UK cinemas, from Hammer Films, The Camp on Blood Island (1968)


The_Camp_on_Blood_IslandThe Camp on Blood Island is a British World War II film starring Carl Möhner, André Morell, Edward Underdown and Walter Fitzgerald. Set in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in British Malaya the film deals with the brutal, sadistic treatment of Allied prisoners by their captors. On its release, the film was promoted with a quote from Lord Russell of Liverpool, “We may forgive, but we must never forget”, and an image of a Japanese soldier wielding a samurai sword.

From its powerful opening sequence of a man being forced to dig his own grave before being shot dead, an intertitle follows, stating “this is not just a story – it is based on brutal truth”, The Camp on Blood Island is noted for a depiction of human cruelty and brutality which was unusually graphic for a film of its time. It received some contemporary allegations of going beyond the bounds of the acceptable and necessary into gratuitous sensationalism.

A prequel The Secret of Blood Island was released in 1964.

Other films in cinemas this day in movie history

Click on a poster to see the trailer (if available)

1970 (US): Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968)

1971 (UK): Soldier Blue (1970)



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