March 29

60 years ago today…

Pal_JoeyThe soundtrack album for the 1957 musical film, Pal Joey, was No 1 in the UK Albums Chart for the second and final time, adding four weeks to the seven gained on its first visit to the top. The film starred Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak. Only Sinatra sang in the film, with Hayworth  and Novak dubbed by other artistes. Several of the songs on the album were not versions heard in the film.

Listen to Pal Joey on Spotify (playlist).

Also today in music…

50 years old today…

Lucy_LawlessLucille Lawless is a New Zealand actress and singer best known for playing the title character in the internationally-successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess (1995–2001).


Other stars born today…

  • Conservative politician, Norman Tebbit (1931)
  • Northern Irish singer, Ruby Murray (1935, died 1996)
  • English newsreader, John Suchet (1940)
  • Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch/Gilroy, Julie Goodyear (1942)
  • Monty Python’s Eric Idle (1943)
  • Former British Prime Minister, John Major (1943)
  • Greek composer, Vangelis (1943)
  • Star Trek’s Deanna Troi, Marina Sirtis (1955)
  • Highlander actor, Christopher Lambert (1957)
  • Model and actress aka “The Body”, Elle MacPherson (1964)
  • Two-time Wimbledon champion, Jennifer Capriati (1976)

Star we lost this day…

  • Founder of the Rank Organisation, J Arthur Rank (1972, born 1888)
  • Composer and orchestra leader, Mantovani (1980, born 1905)
  • Carmina Burana composer, Carl Orff (1982, born 1895)
  • Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers, better known to English audiences as The Singing Nun (1985, born 1933)
  • Born Free actor, Bill Travers (1994, born 1922)

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