March 17: Celebrities

Rudolf_NureyevToday would have been Rudolf Nureyev‘s 80th birthday but he died in 1993.

Other birthdays today

  • Fashion designer, Jeff Banks (75)
  • Model, who married both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, Pattie Boyd (74)
  • Actor, Patrick Duffy (69)
  • Actor, Kurt Russell (67)
  • Guitarist (ex-Thin Lizzy), Scott Gorham (67)
  • Actress, Lesley-Anne Down (64)
  • Actor, Gary Sinise (63)
  • Singer (ex-Altered Images) and actress, Clare (CP) Grogan (56)
  • Singer/guitarist (with all girl rockers Vixen) Janet Gardner (56)
  • Drummer (with all girl rockers Vixen) Roxy Petrucci (56)
  • Actor, Rob Lowe (54)
  • Actor, Hugo Speer (49)
  • Singer/drummer with the Corrs, Caroline Corr (45)

Born this day but no longer with us

  • German actress who played Maria in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Brigitte Helm (born 1906, died 1996)
  • Band leader, best known for his appearances on The Goon Show, Ray Ellington (born 1916, died 1985)
  • Jazz pianist and singer, Nat King Cole (born 1919)
  • Actor, best known for playing Mark Sanger in Ironside, Don Mitchell (born 1943)
  • Singer with Boyzone, Stephen Gately (born 1976)

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