The Fury (1978)

The Fury (1978)

The Fury is a supernatural horror film based on a 1976 novel of the same name.

An experience in terror and suspense.


  • March 10, 1978 (US)
  • September 22, 1978 (UK)

Plot Summary

Former government agent Peter Sandza, goes head-to-head against old colleague turned bitter adversary Ben Childress, when Childress tries to kill him, and kidnaps his son, the telepathically-gifted Robin. Childress seeks to use Robin’s powers to further secret experiments in ‘psi’ research for weapons applications. Peter’s only link to his son is Gillian Bellaver, an equally gifted teen who is tuned in to Robin’s powers. Peter and Gillian join forces in a race against time to save Robin from his captors, and also from himself. [IMDb*]

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Kirk Douglas, “Peter Sandza”
  • John Cassavetes, “Ben Childress”
  • Carrie Snodgress, “Hester”
  • Charles Durning, “Dr. Jim McKeever”
  • Amy Irving, “Gillian Bellaver”
  • Daryl Hannah, “Pam”
  • Dennis Franz, “Bob Eggleston”
  • Jim Belushi, “Beach Bum” (uncredited)
  • Brian De Palma, director
  • John Williams, music (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra)
  • 20th Century Fox, distributor


Find out more at Wikipedia*, and IMDb*.

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